Monthly Archives: April 2018

How often should I change that oil and those fluids?

Ask a dozen different people how often you should change your oil and you'll get a dozen answers. Some stand by the classic 3,000-mile rule-of-thumb, while others assume that modern oils last longer than whatever it was people were using when that informal rule was created. I'm somewhere in between, because it depends. What kind of engine are you running? What sort of driving do you do? What's the climate like where you're operating your machine? Keep in mind that motor oil isn't the only fluid that needs to be changed on a regular basis. If you plan on keeping your vehicle for a while, it's wise also to change transmission oil, coolant and even power steering and brake fluid. MOTOR OIL: It's most important to check your oil regularly.  Low oil level is far worse than not meeting some kind of regular interval.  Some intervals suggested for motor oil changes are 5,000 miles for synthetic blends and 10,000 miles for full s ... read more

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