Engine additives and treatments. Just snake oil?

Over the years I'm sure you have seen plenty of ads for engine and fuel additives and treatments.  Some having some pretty outrageous claims.  Some work and some are not even worth the container they come in.  Over the years we have been pretty skeptical of most of them.  Then a few years ago, we were dealing with the Audi/VW engine oil sludging issues and came across BG products in some tech info.  We did some research, and found that they were the company that VW/Audi had used to help come up with a solution to the oil sludging and consumption issue.  We contacted them, got some information and did some research.  What we found was not only do they make world class products but they stand behind them with a lifetime warranty. 


Since we have started using their products, we've seen not only do they work extremely well, but their warranty is no joke.   We've had several customers save substantial money on repairs when covered components failed. The most recent example was a customer who had the water pump on her 2007 BMW fail.  We checked her history and found that she had done the BG coolant system service the previous year so the water pump and labor to replace it was covered by the BG lifetime warranty.  Imagine her pleasure when we told her charge was only $78 dollar of an almost $800 dollar repair bill.  BG stepped up and covered the rest of it under their warranty.  


Why do I bring this up?  Because it's a great example of a company that stands behind their product and delivers on their promises, providing great value to their customers.  I have seen several recent invoices from dealers or other shops for services that while maybe needed don't provide any extra value to the customer.  I mean, if you are going to perform a coolant service why not go the extra mile and give the customer the best value for the money?  Sure, it may cost a little bit more upfront but with an exponential return on the initial investment isn't it worth it in the long run to provide maximum value?  That's why at Broadway Imports we make all of our services BG services.  We want to our customers to get the most out of their money.

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