Get a Look at this Wreck!

Get a Look at this Wreck!

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This is what can happen when a high-performance car and an 18-year-old driver hit the road. The driver was out street racing with his dad's M3 and got a little behind on his coordination, you could say. Hot tip for wannabe race car drivers: There are really nice places called race tracks. They have lots of room and far fewer things to hit. Go there to drive fast. It's what they're made for.

So what do car guys do when a lower mileage hot rod like this becomes available? Well, we snatched it up and thought "what can we do with this?" After tossing a bunch of ideas around we decided to swap this into a station wagon. We did a little internet research and made our plan. This wreck would become the donor for a sleeper family wagon.

Car Repair

We found a suitable wagon and got to work. This was basically a bolt in swap. We used a 2002 BMW 325 wagon that will take all of the M3 hardware. Due to the genius of German engineering, the chassis platforms are an evolutionary type and sports models are descended from run-of-the-mill cars/platforms. So in short, you can bolt all of the hot rod parts into a standard grocery getter without having to reinvent the wheel.

You can follow along here:

  • We removed the motor and transmission.
  • We serviced the M3 motor while it was out, and then slipped it right in where the old motor used to be.
  • Then we sent the ECU computer out to have it coded to the car, including having the instrument cluster and light control module coded so that everything works like it came straight from the factory.
  • We swapped over the rear differential drive line and installed a rear sub-frame reinforcement kit.
  • We swapped over the bigger brakes from the M3, since with more "go" it's always a good idea to have more "whoa".
  • Once it was all buttoned up, we hit the key and IT CAME ALIVE!
BMW Repair

The car runs and drives. The performance is amazing and it has great power and handling. Compared to the original configuration the throttle response power and handling are way over the top! This swap was incredible. All of the options and accessories work exactly the same as if it came off a factory floor. There are no odd noises and no check engine lights.

This is the best of both worlds with serious performance and exceptional functionality. It can haul a load of gear and haul some serious butt in the process.

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We have been serving the Hollywood District and greater Portland-area for almost 30 years. We offer professional automotive service specializing in Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Acura, Volvo, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Audi, but we're happy to take a look at whatever you're driving. Feel free to bring in your own wreck!

We have the best mechanics in the business. Our goal is to assess and fix the problem right the first time. We will explain everything we worked on clearly and concisely.

We have the best mechanics in the business. Our goal is to fix the problem the right the first time, and we want to do it right. We'll do our best to explain everything to you and keep the price down.

We'll always be here when you need us. Call Broadway Imports if you want to schedule an appointment. Go ahead. Schedule an appointment today!

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